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BuuBuu an Aspirine of Burning Darkness

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BuuBuu an Aspirine of Burning Darkness

Post by Buubuu on Mon Nov 14, 2016 12:08 am

Hi.,. My name is Janis and i am an Aspirine of our guild.,.

I live in a country in North-east Europe called Latvia.,.
I work as a Police officer in a Latvian government and thats about it that i can tell at the moment.,.

I basically chose this class because i like to help others to succeed, while making friends too Very Happy  (but to be honest.,. I like to see others feel the pain.,. So i heal them up, and see them feel the pain again  Twisted Evil  Twisted Evil  Twisted Evil )

No realy.,. I feel this game entertaining and it has great community.,.
If you're in trouble feel free to call for Buubuu.,.

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